Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hi. I'm back again for the new entry. I don't have any idea to update about (?) But I'm bored to death right now so I'm going to shared something.

Starting of the story. Past is past.

3/1/2013. The third day of beginning year 2013. Going out with him. He come to Bukit Tinggi just to meet me before he going to PLKN. So he will be leaving  for National Service on 5/1.2013 at Kuala Kubu Bharu. That day - 2 days left.  I can't describe my feeling and for sure I hate it. So back to main story, I reached at there and text him. " Where are you ? ". " I kat starbucks " he replied. So I told my sister we take a look first before meet him. Going there and there and suddenly I BUMPED into him at the middle of shopping centre. What the awkward moment at that time. My sis keep telling me " That's is Solihin ! " and what I respond to her is " stop talking nonsense. He at starbucks right now ". But when I look back, I realize that someone is coming to me and yeah it is REALLY him. Suddenly I feel anxious. At the same time, deep inside my heart, missing him so badly. Finally we meet again. Yay

We talk and talk. Actually not too much talking with each other *shy* I ask myself, why I must feeling like this. This is uneasy for me. Then we going to mcd because he want to eat. I don't want to eat anything but he bought us mcflurry oreo. I didn't ask him to buy it and he bought it for us. Awh such a gentleman. 

Waiting for others at popular bookstore. Then going towards cinema to watch movie. We decided to watch 'Minyak Dagu'.  At first I don't want to watch it because I'm scared.  But there is no more other choice so we bought the tickets and popcorn for 5 person and yeah watching it together. Luckily my lovely actor, Fizo Omar acting in that movie. Inside the cinema, I don't want to sit beside Solihin so what I'm doing is I quickly sit down at the second place. So my sis in the middle with two person in left and right. Smiling to my sis and she said " You suppose to sit beside your boyfriend " and me was like HAHA :p

That movie is seriously freaking scary. I was like - okay seram. Why I watch it ?  I shouting and cover my face with my hand and everyone laughing when looking at me. Especially Solihin. He likes to imitate what I do. Eee rasa nak cubit cubit je dia. Sampai hati tahu tak. And of course I had sneaking on him secretly when he doesn't looking at me. Hehe.

The end of the movie. Going to toilet for awhile. And yeah Solihin is gone with his friend. My sis told us that he want to go somewhere. Okay never mind. So we start to go there and there and finally going to park in front of starbucks waiting them. About 30 minutes later, they come back and I'm suprised when look at Solihin. What he carrying ? And there you are. A BIG TEDDY BEAR. He gave to me and I was like WHAT IS THIS ? *innocent face*. I don't want to take it and he said " Habis tu takkan nak pulangkan balik. Ambik je lah ". Everyone looking at me. Okay my cheek blushed into red. Then saying good bye with each other. What a great moment to remember.  THE END.

p/s : Dear Muhammad Solihin Bin Mohd Jasmy, i'll be missing you. Take care of yourself. Don't ever forget me or trying to make me jealous when you at there. Get it ? Haha :p Hoping that we will contacting with each other even we are apart and even miles away. I don't believe that I type like this. Okay bye.