Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Third day of training. Tired. Fasting. 

I meet that boy again. I used to call him " budak beg merah " because he love to wear red. As red is my favorite color. Fucking attractive. 

Too many boys at here. As usual, some of them are not fasting. Bad guy. Please stay away from me. Don't ever flirt with me or I will give you double flying kick. 

Kementerian gave us t-shirt. We got BLACK shirt. This is not cool. I hate it. Black is good to absorb heat. Heat can makes our skin burn. That we called SUN BURN. 

RZ IS HOT TO GO  HOT TO GO. AUMMMMMM. IS HOT TO GO TO. HOT TO GO. AUMMM. There is a cheers from RZ. Proud to be one of them. 

Teknik Shah Alam boys. Yea they are awesome and friendly.Glad to know them. But I fall inlove with one of them. Idk what his name is. One things gotta give now cause I'm dying just to know your name. All I need you here with me now. Cause you've got that one thing. Yea that's you.

Juniors from staj in my group didn't want to listen to our instructions. They keep talking non stop. Oh God, feel want to kill them.

That's all for now. I shall going to sleep. Good night xx