Thursday, August 25, 2011

Final Day

Hi. Wishing you in the good condition. I Just want to share you a little bit story of mine. Do enjoy it.

Today is the final day of training. I meant training at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil before Eid. Too sad. But I had a lot of fun there with awesomeness friends, teachers and new friends.

Boys form umbrella group. Lol kinda funny when I called them that. They are always tried to makes me feel annoyed. But actually they are kind. 

P/S : Nak pinjam kipas punya pasal. Haha :P

That boy. He wear red belt today. Looks cute as always. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. After this, no more. But kinda weird. Even our school is not so far with each other but I don't know him. First time I saw him for this year but I know others.

A lot of memories to cherish. FRIENDS. You are awesome. Goodbye Stadium Putra. Hoping that I will come to there someday.

I'm not shock when abang fixie add me on facebook. Chatting with him. Laugh and laugh until midnight. Okay.

Tomorrow, training at staj again. Hello staj-ians. Be nice please. Watch your attitude. The best moment at there is I can saw Fitri. Cute as always. But I'm younger than him. So no love. No hate. Respect.

I should stop writing this post. Nonsense. What I am doing ? Shall going to sleep now. Need to wake up for sahur. Mornight guys. Bye