Friday, September 9, 2011


Hi again. Tired. Short post for this week. 

Monday. Last day of training at staj. Got a bad news from Azmira. Fitri's father died. Innalillah. This is sad. Al- fatihah to his late father.

Tuesday. Going to Dataran Merdeka. Woke up early in the morning. Super excited.

Wednesday. Meet Amir Sholihin. A boy that recognize me and then add me on facebook just want to know me. We use eye connection to contact with each other. Kinda weird. . I don't want to meet anyone at here. This is too awkward. Shy for sure. I hate it when Amir call my name loudly infront of his friends and everyone looked at me.That is so embarrassing moment ever. 

Then, I saw Muhammad Fikri. To be honest, he looks handsome today. What is wrong with me .__________.

A boy from Batu Unjur. He attract my attention during training. He love to wear purple. His specs. His shoes. His belt. His bag. Everything in purple. Justin Bieber favorite color for sure. Yeah Iman, he is too cute. You should try to say " hi " to him because a simple hi can makes a lot of memories.

Thursday. Day by day has passed well. But the weather is so hot *ungrateful*. I need to take our bendera as training gonna start. I can't believe this. I stood beside Fikri ? Like seriously ? *run to Iman*. I keep "terserempak" with Fikri today. Kinda weird. He looked at me and I looked at him back.

Friday. All the participant need to come and gather at Dataran Merdeka to start training together. Overall, tired but totally awesome. The dance group, students from ipb do the wave things, pancaragam band and others. Too many to type it.

A boy from Teknik Shah Alam. I was wondering. Did he not even feel tired keep looking at me. That's scary.

In evening, my sister and I going out. For sure, it is not jogging. We just take a look around and being friendly with our neighbours. It's fun tho. But suddenly we meet Shahir, who is crazy fall inlove with me. Ugh I don't even like him. We are just friend. He chase me and Aliff saw it. That is just GREAT. Haha. Aliff mad at me cause he don't like anyone to flirt with me.  Fyi, Aliff also have a feeling towards me. But I don't like him. Sorry. What the hell is wrong with both of them. One word. Insane. 

That's all. Bye