Sunday, October 9, 2011

Simple Message

Sometimes I don't know what type of blogger I want to be. Some says that a blog doesn't require a colorful backgrounds or beautiful pictures, it requires words that make people believe in you. Some says that a blog is the way you express your feelings no matter how bad the writing turns out to be. I say that a blog is the way you let yourself being heard, being understand and being respect for your decision. I started this blog from an ugly scratch, I wouldn't expect it would come this far or to get numerous of followers, it's not thousands or more but hundreds and counting, I'm flattered.

I like how I let people feels the way I feels. I guess to tell a story is to understand your own story first. I appreciate all the great feed backs and supports I get form my readers, it makes me feels like the little voice inside of me had finally spoke up. My blog is the only thing that kept me from feeling that I'm invisible, Express Your Fairytale is what kept me so alive through out this years.

It feels good to blog and knowing that they are people who's still reading this. Some even says that I inspired them. Thanks. Thank you so much, followers.

That's all for now. Bye