Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi readers *cheers*

It's been awhile since the last time I updated. 

Result ? One word. SUCKS. Which meant I don't prepare for final exam. That's why my result are too bad. Humility *self confidence low*. I wish I can be like others that can strive for achieve success in life. Okay what I'm typing about (?) Tunggang langgang rasanya ayat tu. 

20/11/2011. Today is the last day Mr.Ng,our super cool addmath teacher, officially retired. So that's mean I don't see him next year.We will miss you sir. His fake smile, his funny laugh, his jokes about mydin and the way he flips his hair. Sir is so cool liddat. Goodbye sir. Do remember me. Sincerely your cute student, Aina. Haha. Jk :P

I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Chatting with Solihin for 2 days. Best moments ever. The way he talk with me and trying so hard to makes me non stop smiling. That's him <3

Finally,I got new blackberry phone. Yay .Thanks ibu. I love you *hug*. I don't have any credit to reply any texts. Sorry guys. Bye